Hotel room chrome folding luggage rack with black straps


The Hospitality-Style luggage rack is great for hotels, B&B's and guestrooms. Its folding ability allows it to be portable and easy to store away when not in use. With no assembly required it's very convenient and easy to use at anytime. We have the best suitcase rack in South Africa.


  • Floor friendly rubber plastic covers to protect your floor from scratches
  • Size: 62.5x37.5x56.5cm (Open)
  • Strong steel frame with chrome finish
  • Reinforced polyvinyl webbing on straps
  • Suitable for commercial and residential/home use

 Carton Details: LengthxWidthxHeight   

Carton Dimensions: (64.7x7.5x69cm)

Carton Weight:        2.2kg

Pieces Per Carton:   1pc

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