Hospitality-Style Hotel Bathrobes & Slippers

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Hospitality-Style Bathrobes & SlippersAfter a guest checks into a hotel, spa, B&B or guesthouse; what would be the first thing they do when they get to their hotel room? We presume a shower would be the standard thing to do before anything – be it a dinner date, a night out, a massage etc. Every hotel room should have a standard set of hotel amenities for their guests to make their stay a more pleasant one.

A clean towel should come in handy, together with a cotton bathrobe and disposable hotel slippers. As the guest is about to begin their after shower regimen, after a fulfilling shower/bath, or a long day; guests want to be comfortable, cozy and warm.

At Hospitality-Style, we offer up to 4 different types of slippers namely:

  1. Dark Grey Velvet Slipper (Open Toe) - (28.5cm)
  1. Terry Towel Slipper - White (Closed Toe) - (28.5cm)
  1. Terry Towel Slipper - White Disposable (Open Toe) - (28.5cm)
  2. White Waffle Slipper - White Disposable (Open Toe) - (28.5cm)

Our Bathrobe Range:

  1. Coral Fleece Shawl Bathrobe (280g) – (One Size Fits All)
  1. Waffle Mix Kimono Bathrobe (220g) – (One Size Fits All)
  1. Blue with White Collar Plush Micro Fiber Bathrobe (280g) – (One Size Fits All)

If you would like to purchase any of our items, or would like to browse all our other items, Click Here.

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