8 Amenities to Keep Your Hotel Rooms Guests- Friendly

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Those who spend their hard-earned money on booking a hotel room deserves to be treated with all the basic amenities. Be it the cosy bed or the perfect view from the hotel room; there are a lot of parameters to be kept in mind.

If you are running a hotel and want to improve your guests’ experience, here is a list you should never miss on.  Get in touch with leading hotel amenities suppliers in your region to grab the best wholesale deals. 

8 Must-to-Keep Hotel Amenities

Luxury Soap- 

This one is quite common to be available in any hotel room but make sure you are keeping quality luxury soaps sealed and well packed for your guests. It is one of the amenities which is directly associated with hygiene, so providing them in a sealed pack is a must. 

Body Lotion- 

After a quick bath, every traveller expects to nurture his/her skin with a good quality moisturizer or body lotion. Make sure you are keeping a non-expired beauty or body product to avoid any skin allergy cases.


There are a lot of brands offering handy shampoo bottles to hotels. So, keeping two to three different shampoos won’t be a big hassle for you anymore. 

Wall Mounted Hair Dryer- 

Hair dryer is one of the most demanded yet hard-to-find hotel amenities. Although it does not come under the necessities at the same time, it is a big convenience that every guest might be expecting in your hotel.  

Liquid Soap Dispenser-

In the majority of cases, travellers are concerned about hygiene. In this scenario, if you are keeping leftover hand soaps for your new guests, you are giving them reasons to look for other hotels. To avoid wastage and maintain hygiene on priority, install liquid soap dispensers in the bathroom. 

Shower Cap- 

It won’t cost you much to build a good image of your hotel. How? Well, just keep properly sealed shower caps in the bathroom for user convenience!  

Ear Plugs Case- 

For frequent travellers, earplugs come handy to watch movies or listen to music anytime. But, hardly anyone carries an earplugs case to safeguard the earphones. In this case, you can keep the plastic earplugs case for your guests to add more to their convenient stay at your hotel. 

Clear Laundry Bags- 

Even if your guests have planned to stay in the hotel for one or two weeks, they will never prefer to wash their used clothes. So, keep enough clear laundry bags so they can segregate their used and unused clothes without any hassle.

So when are you equipping your hotel rooms with these room amenities?

The Final Word- 

Hotels are meant to give travelers the much-desired comfort, convenience, and luxurious experience. And, if a hotel is compromising or lacking behind in providing any one of these, it is quite obvious that the hotel may lose its reputation.

The list of the above-mentioned hotel room amenities won’t add much to your overall housekeeping expenses but will amend a lot of value to your hotel's prestige in the market. 

Therefore, equipping the hotel rooms with such minor yet meaningful amenities can help you raise your hotel standards.

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