7 Room Supplies Your Hotels Can’t Do Without

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For an industry that thrives on serving every little need of their customers, hoteliers must keep a close tab on the essential supplies and the stock. If you are jostling with countless other options, we have curated a list of seven supplies that you must keep hold of. 

Without wasting a second, let’s dive in

  1. Mats 

Bathroom mats have become a must-have in a hotel room. They soak the excess water and prevent slipping on the floor while giving comfort to your feet. Allow your guests to step on the gentle and warm bath mat as they step out of a hot shower.

From functional importance to adding aesthetical elegance, you can find plenty of variety in colours, shapes, sizes, styles and even prints to compliment the room decor. 

  1. Bathrobes 

Give your guests a luxury feel away from their home comfort with oh-so-stylish-and-comfortable bathrobes. They are soft and cozy to wrap your body in after a regular bath or special spa while soothing down the agitated nerves.

From the warm fleece to body-soft cotton, bathrobes make your guests feel in absolute heaven after a long hectic day of traveling around.

Men or women, of any age, effortlessly slip into such free-size bathrobes allowing the body to feel the warmth of the soft material. 

  1. Luggage Racks 

A luggage rack sounds like what it’s meant to be. Instead of keeping the heavy bags stowed in the room’s corner, table or even bed, offer the convenience of packing and unpacking your stuff on a foldable luggage rack. 

They are not just useful but infuse elegance in the room’s interior decor. You can browse for different frame materials - bamboo, metal and even plastic - for a sustainable and stylish solution. 

If short of storage space, such temporary racks can be used to keep extra belongings. 

  1. Waste Bins 

A good quality waste bin comes with a strong and durable body made of stainless steel and wood.  From the shape, size to even colours ( black, shiny white and silver), the options are countless to fit into the modern/contemporary decor of hotel bedrooms and washrooms. 

Having a paddle helps your guests to throw the trash without bending.  From the point of functionality to the overall appearance, waste bins are a must-have in a room as well as bathrooms. 

  1. Toiletries 

Every hotel provides basic toiletries including 

Toothbrush + Toothpaste

Hair Shampoo

Hair Conditioner 

Body Wash

Body lotion

Shower cap and many more 

All these accessories suffice the day to day needs of the guests. Most of the people carry their personal toiletries but always give them the option to use the products - FREE of Cost.

Most of the hotels go with standard brands but many resorts are adding luxury products in the kitty to impress their premium guests. 

6. Laundry Bags 

Serving your customers more than they ask for is an unsaid rule for successful customer service. If your guests are for a long stay, offer them laundry bags to keep their dirty clothes and other stuff. 

  • Made from premium quality material and provided with handles for easy grip
  • Multi-utility bags 
  • Designs/size/colors available 

7. Bathroom waffle Slippers

Hoteliers have realised the need for smart and stylish additions to standard bathroom supplies such as waffle slippers. 

A pair of waffle slippers provide the comfort people look for while relaxing indoors. It has a cushioned base that supports your tired feet. 

Ideally, pair the slippers with the bathrobes to delight your guests. These his-or-hers waffle slippers are an exceptional solution to soak water after bathing and walk within the room

The Bottom Line 


Whether you own a small hotel or a popular resort, having the basic supplies stocked to meet varying demand puts you in the league of the best in the market. 

Need quotes? Feel free to drop in a message and we will get back to you. 

Do you have any special re quirements?  Do share your comments in the section below to hear back from us. 


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