5 Necessary Toiletries For Your Guests’ Convenience

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There are more than 187,000 hotels and 17.5 million guest rooms in the world, which eventually increases the level of competition in the hospitality industry.

No matter which plush corner of the world you have chosen to set up your new venture, if you are not thinking with the perspective of your guests’ convenience, things will never turn on your side.

We have got you a list of five common toiletries to give your guests enough reasons to stay at your hotel over and over again.

Mini Hygiene Kit-

When traveling, not every guest would carry these basic amenities. So, make sure you are fulfilling this requirement before they ask you for it.

A mini hygiene kit may include- 1-2 cotton pads, earbuds, nail filer, etc. It won’t add even a dollar to your overall expenses but will leave a significant impression on your guests for sure. Isn’t it a great deal then?

Waffle Bathrobe-

The ordinary bathrobes might be easily available in the market. Still, when it comes to proffering quality services and amenities, the waffle mix kimono bathrobe is the best as they quickly absorb water & are easy to dry.

On top of this, its standard size fits all, so it waves off the hassle of buying multiple sizes.

Shower Gel-

Even after being one of the most basic amenities, the room service department either forgets or replaces it with unhygienic soaps. Whether you agree or not, shower gels and soaps come in similar price. So, it is always recommended to go with shower gels in a compact tube that notches up room service maintenance operations.

Laundry Bags-

Your guests will not be washing their clothes in your hotel room for sure. So, to help them with segregating used and fresh garments, keep enough clear laundry bags. These bags usually come in disposable quality.

Sewing Kit-

You never know when your guests have to bear the embarrassment of a ripped dress or loose button. For such emergencies, keep a handy sewing kit containing multi-colored threads and a needle.

However, when finding out these products in the market, you may get flooded with a number of options, but quality products are mandatory. In addition, if you don’t want these items to hit hard on your pocket, then make sure you are associating with a popular hotel amenities supplier offering wholesale prices.

If you want to get more details about the above-mentioned products, feel free to dial 011 908 6318.

To know more such beneficial updates to uplift your hotel standards, stay tuned with us!

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