5 Essential Items to Give Your Hotel Dining Table A Royal Touch

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Be it the wish for some quality time with special someone or gorging on lip-smacking food, people often visit hotels to experience something above ordinary or regular. 

Hotels are supposed to keep up the ante with the decor and most importantly dining arrangements to leave a never-fading impression on the guests.  

And to help you serve your guest the best, here we have got you a list of essential dining table supplies that add a tinge of function and royalty to your entire arrangement: 

6 Classy Dining Table Items to Never Forget- 

  1. Pearl White Dining Set- Whether it’s a dinner date or family lunch, white tableware never fails and instead considered as the sign of royalty. And that’s why the white ceramic-coated dining set is enough to steal everyone’s attention.

    As it is usually available in a set of 16 pcs including- 4 dining plates, 4 salad plates, 4 soup plates, and 4 mugs. Economical yet stylish, they must be well-stocked to meet varying demands and maintain your hospitality. 

  2. Aluminum Candle Holder- Imagine your guests have booked a dining table with his partner or fiance? Now, other than offering delectable dishes, wine, and music, how would you make it extra special? 

    Well, in this case, an elegantly designed aluminum candle holder will do wonder in creating the perfect ambiance. Apart from the elegant and unique design, it’s silver-coated body sprinkles its own charm to lit up the moment you want to cherish for years to come.  

    3. Brass Hurricane Lamp- This lamp gels up with any interior decor theme which ultimately makes it the best choice to hop on. This decor item gives the vintage charm that lifts the overall decor especially the dining areas and hotel lobby.

    Cutlery Tub- A stylish and convenient option to serve enough cutlery items in one tub.  This includes segregate forks, teaspoons, and knives. 

    Made with superior metal, it helps to keep the regular cutlery while serving a large number of guests. However, the style may remain similar but the sizes can be opted differently as per the table size

    5. Designer Salad Dressing Bottle- Hoteliers often have to deal with guests with specific demands for food and drink. Where some may love to have spicy food, others go natural with fresh and healthy salads.  

    You can have a salad dressing bottle that comes in a stylish and elegant design. Keep it handy for the guests to use their favorite salad dressing. 

    (All these items are available to shop via our website).

    Ready to include these sassy dining accessories in your hotel culinary inventory? But, curious for more details? Dial 011 908 6318 or 081 215 2246 to connect with our hotel amenities supplier for wholesale order.  

     The Final Word- 

    Hotels are meant to deliver the finest customer services while making every guest feel special and valuable.  The smart use of tableware and cutlery not just suffice the purpose but enhances the market reputation. 



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