4 Special Ways To Surprise Your Hotel Guests This Christmas

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We are coming close to the cherished time of the year - Christmas. The atmosphere around is filled with joy and laughter all around.

Eat and drink with family and friends as much as you like. Everyone loves it as long as the jubilant jingle bells are heard.

As the holiday mood sets in and hotel bookings will be at its peak, Christmas is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year all over the world. 

Some Festive Tips To Surprise Your Hotel Guests This Christmas Season:

Personalised Service

Holidays are all about spending leisure time with your closed ones. Your guests would love to be pampered with services that make them brim with unlimited joy:

  • Tailoring hospitality supplies and amenities as per peculiar needs of the guests serves them better. 
  • Label names on complimentary gifts such as wine bottles and chocolates. 
  • Add personal touch such as unique gifts to remind of the hotel’s hospitality boosts retention rate of the customers.

Surprise Your Guests With Special Services

Surprising guests would make them feel valued at your hotel. It does not take much of your expenditure.

  • Pamper your guests with free breakfast or massage in the morning to fuel fresh energy at the start of the day.

  • A room upgrade is another good way to make them feel special. It will build guests loyalty and help garner a positive review.
  • How about organising a Christmas party for all the guests?

Use Social Media

A growing number of people access social media to know about the latest in the hospitality industry. This is your chance to put yourself in front of guests by following these:

  • Pique interest via holiday contests or discounts. For instance, encourage guests to post pictures covering the best things about the hotel.
  • Post pictures covering the latest in decor, food, and other events.
  • Use social media to promote events happening at your hotel. This will boost user traffic to your website and persuade more people to make travel bookings.

Festive Offers

Modify your menu a little to suit Christmas such as turkey, candy, cookies, eggnog etc.

  • Why not throw in a gift discount or ski passes to surprise your guests and their family members? 
  • Hotel supplies like personalised cotton bathrobes or stockings help guests feel the comfort and class during this time of the year.
  • Send special reminder emails to build the anticipation of staying into your hotel and making the most of the festive spirit.

Make your guests feel welcomed and join in the jubilant mood.

The joy of giving luxurious amenities to your guests would double your happiness. Most importantly, a significant revenue rise would enable you to close the year on a profitable note.

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