4 Must-Have Accessories for A Restaurant Bar

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The prospect of starting a restaurant bar is fascinating. Not only do you let people unhook from their life worries & stresses, but it is also a profitable business prospect.

Setting up a bar at your restaurant from scratch requires a time frame of six and eight weeks as we need a holistic thought process.

Investing in the right hospitality supplies and accessories will considerably reduce the burden from your shoulder, so scroll down and look at these accessories:-

  • Corkscrew

“Step one is to take a deep breathe and say “I am smarter than a damn plug of wood, “Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling, a top-selling international book.

People are a big fan of wine and they love to celebrate just about every moment of happiness by sprinkling champagne in the ambience, that’s why corkscrew is an essential piece of barware.

Whether your bar staff is mixing a classic cocktail or opening a bottle of wine, the corkscrew is both a fundamental and utility accessory that you just can’t undermine when planning for a restaurant bar.

At Hospitality-Style, a renewed hotel amenities supplier in South Africa, you’ll discover a premium selection of classic yet modish bar accessories at wholesale prices.

  • Scissor Serving Tong

A scissor servicing tong makes for a convenient one-handed serving such as ice cubes and bar garnishes.

Not just bar servicing, these tongs are versatile as they perform a myriad of functions in the restaurant kitchen too, right from daintily garnishes the food to hold gripping hot utensils.

The scissor serving tongs are available in a wide selection of and size choices, so you pick one in line with the purpose of buying a tong.

  • Glass Tumbler

A flat-bottomed liquid container completes a bar and used to serve wine in style.

Whether you are planning a rustic-themed bar or modern, Hollywood celebrity like wine space, buying a glass tumbler is something you just can’t overlook to offer an unmatched experience to your guests.

The tumblers are available in a spectrum of designs, with each style having its own artistic appeal. It is highly recommended to opt for the tumbler design that complements the overall theme of your wine lounge.

  • Stainless Vacuum Jug

A stainless steel vacuum jug is a perfect way to transport and enjoy wine, therefore, it is imperative to have a vacuum jug when shopping for the barware.

The stainless vacuum jugs have a sleek and durable construction to efficiently serve wine, anytime and anywhere.

Final Words

Its goes without saying that the amount of money you put into bar tools & glasses will only facilitate your panel of bartenders, but these must-have items are really all that’s required initially.


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